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Sunday, 2 January 2011


i have had time to ponder over what i actually done or achieved throughout my relationship and i have come to the conclusion that i have achieved not that much.  When i read through others blogs and see what they have experienced and goals they have achieved i havent experienced half of that, which makes me sad because given the time i spent with him i actually done nothing, what a waste of my time, i could have achieved and experienced so so much more.  Is it too late for me now???  probably given i dont have anyone to take me under their wing and pass on to me the benefit of their experience, oh how much i crave for that.

Maybe its not goo to dwell too much on the past, hindsight is a great thing as they say, just look forward to the future and try to make things happen for myself.  How though can a sub keep herself submissive if she doesnt have anyone to give herself to?  Maybe little things like reading the blogs, researching more on the internet, ill try that for a little while for now.  But how i would love to be a Daddys lil girl again.


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