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Thursday, 22 January 2015


I have a fetish...well more than one really, but then again who doesn't have a fetish in this lifestyle...but I didn't actually really realise that what I love is a fetish, nor did I realise there was a special name for it....Odaxelagnia.... which is the terminology for being bitten whilst being sexually aroused, and it is quite surprising how many others love this to be done to them, so am not a freak after all!!!....smiles

One delicious memory this girl has of being bitten was when she was in SF with Master, W/we were lying together, spooning and snuggling up with each other, Master was biting on my shoulders and around my neck which is very sensitive when He exposed my throat and bit hard into it, well the sensation that ran through my body was unbelievable and I do believe had he wanted to carry on biting to puncture the skin so that it bled a little I would have let him.......I was totally carried away by that, such a rush I got at that moment....absolutely delicious....who doesn't love to be bitten when one is aroused, bitten all over, words cant really describe the rush one feels....well it does it for me...smiles....do others enjoy this? or is it not for you?

Monday, 19 January 2015


Think this quote says it for me,

How does a master center a slave? Being centered is a Zen term that means a person is balanced, calm, healthy, peaceful, grounded, nourished. Some might see it as a relaxed state, one of calm, creative, full of the realization of being well-off, in communion with one's self and one's environment… How does a master center a slave? He does it by creating, with his slave, a right relationship, that is, one in which each is free to be him or herself; one with openness, honesty, and clarity of purpose. Centering comes from having a clear focus, mutual support, encouragement, and purpose. -- Jack Rinella