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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Orgasm Denial or Chasity Belts

Orgasm denial is used sometimes in BDSM as a punishment to a sub, but also as part of play. i myself have had this applied to me in a previous relationship, in fact i would say that the majority of submissives have had this applied to them on one or more occasion. I must admit i loved it, loved the intensity that i received from the lack of touch, loved the thoughts going through my head, knowing that i couldnt touch myself and when showering only to clean and rinse myself. i love the thought of someone having that control over me, teasing me during my denial, through my frustrations, wicked smile here, and oh the joy when one is finally given the permission to indulge onself and the joy that the other person gets hearing your release and enjoyment you receive.

But i came across a site showing Chasity Belts and i must admit i think they are so erotic looking, both for female and males. i wonder how all those centuries ago how maidens wore those to be kept from pleasuring themselves as well as straying. My preference would be the orgasim denial as i dont think i could wear a chasity belt, but thats not to say i wouldn't have to do as told!!!!

Here are some pics.

Womens Belts

Love the idea of the thigh bands which can be attached to the belt.

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