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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How would you...

I was wanting to know how subs/slaves would describe their Master in ten words using just one word...here are my ten words describing Master, they are in no particular order...

am sure there are others that i could add to the list...smiles...but He is all of these and more and He has my heart...smiles

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day of Delicious Torment

I am on permanent orgasm denial, and it depends when Master is feeling generous whether or not i get to orgasm, i can cope with this and have been doing so, difficult at first because thats all one focuses on but you learn to cope with it but when Master told me that i was on orgasm denial for the month of February well it sort of takes over your mind...laughs...the real urge to have an orgasm now seems to be forefront in my mind...laughs, but am only allowed to wash and clean myself and no other touching of any kind until Master instructs me to do so.

so yesterday Master decided to give me a day of arousal and torment...smiles.  

i was to wear my tack bra for as long as possible so at 7.00 am the inserts went in, boy those wee tacks nip so much, times the pain is okay and i can handle it, other times they sting and hurt like mad depending on how this girl is feeling, then if she stretches they scratch along her skin, times if she hits them accidently the pain shoots through her or if someone gives me a hug they press into her breasts, she can feel good, then totally frustrated to the point she wants to rip them out as they dig into her.... so its a love/hate relationship this girl has with wearing this, but such a feeling when it comes off...mmmm the pleasure one feels when she is allowed to touch them to soothe them...smiles.  

On top of this i had to use deep heat on a sensitive area a few times during her work day...now this stuff burns like mad initially, its like hold your breath time as the burn kicks in,  but such a delicious feeling as the pain subsides and stays with you....then every so often another little kick hits you.  so as one can imagine going home using public transport was quite an interesting journey...stopping and starting, moving back and forth, a little squirming in my seat and all the while trying to look relaxed and comfortable...smiles

then when i got home i was to use Master's flogger on that sensitive area, and give it quite a few lashes and i mean quite a few...laughs. such stings as the strands landed against her...after those you can imagine it felt swollen and tender, but no not enough for Master i had to edge 3 times, well that was difficult not tipping over, took me a lot of self control to stop just before the orgasm was upon me, still not enough for Master He had me put on more deep heat and just as the burn was kicking in He had me give myself more lashes...now this hurt and i really had to push myself to do this, but i did....says she as she smiles proudly, but wow the sensation she felt after she finished.

Master was very proud of me and i felt His control over me the whole day, it was a wonderful day of mixed emotions and pleasure...if only there could have been that reward at the end...but He will grant me that another time....i hope...smiles  this is what i need, what i crave, what fulfils me and Master knows how to control and focus me, and i need Him in my life....smiles

Saturday, 9 February 2013

my Mojo is Back

A brief update .....yyaayy this girl hasnt lost it at all...smiles...her mojo hadnt left her, it had just hid away....smiling

Master took this girl in hand and we had an intense training session last weekend, and it was what this girl needed...sighs...Master is an expert on tit torture and well i am still coming to terms with loving the pain, His pain, so last weekend He really pushed me, pushed me way beyond what i have ever done before, His tits were a beautiful colour of red with the blood trapped in them because of the bungee cords, then the clover clamps were put on...hate those nasty little buggers, then the clothes pegs were put on at the same time, Master then had me flog the pegs off with the flogger and when they didnt come off at the one swipe then clung to His nipples with an such an intensity of grip...had to really flog those little suckers...laughs and all the while Master was doing what He does best i had to use the wire whip (wire coat hanger) on His ass....lets just say that sub space was amazing after this.  This is what His girl needed and its amazing how i am feeling now, i am feeling my true self again, i feel contentment in my life with Him again, i am so glad that this happened when it did, it was like a wake up call to the B/both of U/us.

Master found a great article for me to write a report on it was about slavery and i was to incorporate my interpretation of what slavery means to me, which i really enjoyed doing, the article was a great read, little things that one doesnt think about unless you are in a 24/7 relationship, but can also be incorporated into LDRs, it gave U/us food for thought.  Here is the link if you would like to read it.  http://www.enslavement.org.uk/soyouwant

so its all good again with U/us, i learnt a lot of lessons, the main one to be more open with Master which i thought i was and that it is His decision alone not my decision on what i think He should know. There are still problems in my vanilla world but i am well focused again on being true to who and what i am.