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Sunday, 20 March 2011

To Bathe

i was talking with a Dom friend online and the subject came up regarding being bathed. He told me that this was something a sub who belonged to Him loved to do and i said it was also something that i loved to do with my previous Master.

i told Him there was nothing more than i enjoyed to run a bath for Him then undress him and carefully put his clothes away, crawl to the bath and kneel beside him whilst i bathed Him. Then to dry Him and crawl along beside Him to the bed where i then massaged oil into Him. Then to snuggle alongside Him and be held as a reward.

This gave me just as much pleasure as He got receiving it and i was wondering if other Doms or subs enjoyed giving or receiving such a simple pleasure as this?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Sex appeal

How sexy is this lady? personnally i think she just ooozzzeeeessss it..lol

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I thought i would write a small piece on Rituals and seek what O/others thought of these and if T/they had requested or undertook these.

There are many rituals during our everyday life, things we automatically do whether its in the house or during work, and some of these make us feel comfortable and in control of our lives. Do we say the same thing when it comes to rituals with a bdsm slant.

When i was with my previous Master i undertook rituals that He had set for me and i found these a joy to do given that W/we were in a long distance relationship, and completing these gave me a sense of closeness to Him, kept me focused on O/our relationship, gave me a sense of belonging.

These weren't major things, they were small things that were important between us. For example: Undertaking my chant first thing in the morning whilst kneeling, i wore an everyday collar but had to have my leather collar on me at all times, when He came online i had to greet him in a certain manner, usually naked and collared, lowering my eyes whilst on cam. I loved having these small rituals private to us, no one else aware of what was happening, special times.

These small rituals and there were others, but these started off during my training until they became automatic and fluid. But each time i completed a ritual over the years W/we were together i still got the same sense of pleasure knowing that i was making Him happy and strenthening the bond between U/us.

How do O/others feel about rituals? Do you see any point in having them? What type of rituals did you carry out?

For me they were a very important part of me and i miss those small things terribly.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Miserable weather

Miserable day

Miserable mood

Miserable memories

Monday, 7 March 2011



Just to say im back again, faulty equipment kept me away...lol, so hopefully will get back on track again.

blossom xx