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Sunday, 3 August 2014

New love

i have a new love in my life...smiles...no no no...Master will always be my One and Only but W/we have found something that excites U/us both and that is knife play, this is a dark and delicious form of play that W/we both enjoy, W/we done a little of it when W/we were together last and it felt wonderful, to give someone the power to use a knife on one's body, to drag it across the skin was absolutely amazing, there was total control from Him and total trust from me ...huge smiles. W/we want to do it more and so He instructed me to get a little everyday knife to carry in my bag which has then to be used on His breasts during her lunch hour, at the moment i just have to drag it over the skin but already there are little marks showing the path of the knife...smiles...W/we look forward to exploring this dark and delicious play more deeply in the hope that when W/we next meet Master will be able to draw a little blood from me...do i want that....hell yes i do...smiles this is the little knife i have purchased...cute little thing isnt it, Master's blade on the other hand is something completely different and this girl has felt its cold steel on her body...smiles