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Sunday, 23 June 2013


i took this quiz which monkey had linked on her blog to to see what i would come out as, first time i have seen this.... here are my results..smiles.  maybe some of my readers would like to have a go....here is the link:


Your result for The submissive type Test ...


You scored 20% Humiliation, 82% Submissiveness, 65% Service, and 62% Pain!

You're the slave, you scored high in both submissiveness and service, you probably want to be owned by someone, you feel the need to relinquish your power over to someone else and to service him. You are the ideal partner for 24/7 Owner/slave relationships, whether you like or dislike pain is a matter of taste, hence with humiliation, but I would bet that the chances are you enjoy them sometimes but the most important thing is whether your Dominant will enjoy doing those things to you.
Good luck in finding your best relationship :)

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  • Humiliation Distribution
    • You scored 20% on Humiliation, higher than 11% of your peers.
      Service Distribution

      • You scored 65% on Service, higher than 58% of your peers.

    • Submissiveness Distribution
     You scored 82% on Submissiveness, higher than 97% of your peers.
    • Pain Distribution
      • You scored 62% on Pain, higher than 76% of your peers.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Master has just done the most amazing thing...He wrote this slave a beautiful song..a song about O/our journey T/together.....huge smiles here...she received it yesterday and heard Him sing it for her which was amazing....huge huge smiles...He still has to tweek it a bit here and there as He is singing it acapella for her....but this girl loves it...He has really made this girl feel so so special...thank you Master for this beautiful and amazing gift...her first ever song...huge smiles...Love You Master.