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Monday, 10 December 2018

343 Days of Denial

only 22 more days to go until this girl reaches a whole year of being denied an orgasm....am getting excited on reaching this milestone and have loved every day of this....torturous at times...frustrating for sure but all in all glorious....just love riding the edge....it is an amazing feeling....love torturing oneself just pulling back from tipping over....would recommend anyone to try it out even for a few months....feels delicious being horny and needy....mmmm.....one has no doubt that Master will have her continue with her denial past her 365 goal.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

184 Days of Denial

this girl has been on orgasm denial for 184 days....she has been edging and having ruined orgasms....Master has told her she may never get to orgasm again and do you know what she is happy with that....she actually doesnt want to ruin the pure pleasure she has been feeling throughout this....she would hate to cum now...to ruin this all for a few moments of pleasure when she gets so much more pleasure being in denial.  never did one think she could do this....she use to hate edging but now she has come to love it.  Master has complete and utter control over this...it will be His decision in the end if she ever gets to orgasm again....this girl knows that Master is considering a year at least and she is over the half way mark now....can she do it?

W/we have talked about getting a chastity belt and one would really love to wear one to take this experience that little bit further, something along these lines....have any of You thought about wearing a chastity belt or have you worn one?  would love to hear your experience of it if you have.

This is a fantastic feeling and she doesnt want it to go away.