A Blossom of pinkness for blossom. .

Monday, 6 May 2019

488 days

488 days and counting...that is how long this girl has been in her denial of orgasms....have to say the edging is just wonderful and the ruining of an orgasm is something quite delicious....never thought one would say it but dont think one will want to orgasm ever again!!!! why ruin these delicious feelings for something that will be over in seconds.  one is having so much fun with this and Master does like to torment His girl at the same time....which all adds to the fun of it....really thought one would get frustrated and annoyed like one use to do but no....not at all....am really having fun and ooooo the naughty thoughts one thinks about as she edges for Master...well those are just mmmmmm.

You should really give this a try :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

365 Days or One Whole Year

Never in a million years did she think she would ever do this but she has done it....One whole year of NO orgasms....just edging and more edging and riding that edge too....am really happy that one has completed Master's task but no rest for the wicked as they say and so it continues....one really does love this...many years ago early in O/our relationship Master tried to get this girl to undertake orgasm denial....gosh such a fuss one made when asked to do this task...like a little brat not wanting to do this, throwing her toys out of the cot as they say....but this time obviously through maturity lol but she embraced it this time....and well she achieved it and made Master a very happy Owner....so what now....she will continue until Master decides to let her know what He requires from her....but He loves His girl in this state, she keeps Him very happy and thats all that really matters isnt it.

so huge smiles here....and a well done to moi.

Monday, 31 December 2018

364 Days and O/our anniversary

just one more day to go...until she reaches that delicious milestone....mmmmm ....she has been edging to a mixture of things today....little bits of this and that...delicious little nuggets that she knows Master will also enjoy and has sent the links to Him for later.....she is definitely going to have to get another buzzer for His clit...this one is definitely on its ways out....it is delicious though the little that is left in it as it gives her the edge but not bringing her to the full edge which is good in some respects.....

her fingers come in handy too....just as Master's hand is to Him when He showers and edges thinking of hot dirty thoughts....mmmmmm need to see that streaming of precum so delicious to watch and then His huge dirty load for His slut....need to see and hear Him cum soon...mmmmm

O/our anniversary today and this girl wrote a poem for Master....He loved it...huge smiles...next best thing she could give Him seeing as she wont be able to be with Him physically.

as one is writing this she is tensing her thighs to clamp them around Master's cunt...fuck she loves feeling that tightness....mmmmmm if only Master's cock could be wedged between her thighs at the same time how delicious would that be mmmmm

Happy Anniversary my Lord and Master....tomorrow W/we enter into O/our 8th year....loving smiles

Saturday, 29 December 2018

362 days

this girl is just 3 days off from being in denial for a year....hard to believe really but one will achieve that goal for Master and He has informed her that this will continue until the foreseeable future....there have been a few ups and downs during this but overall for the majority of the time one has kept herself hot and horny with her edging...riding that edge too...sometimes dangerously close to tipping over but she hasnt....so a very happy slave her and another big happy occasion is that on that special day its O/our anniversary.... Master and this girl will have been T/together for 7 years....huge smiles...looking forward to 2019 and what it will hold for U/us.

Monday, 10 December 2018

343 Days of Denial

only 22 more days to go until this girl reaches a whole year of being denied an orgasm....am getting excited on reaching this milestone and have loved every day of this....torturous at times...frustrating for sure but all in all glorious....just love riding the edge....it is an amazing feeling....love torturing oneself just pulling back from tipping over....would recommend anyone to try it out even for a few months....feels delicious being horny and needy....mmmm.....one has no doubt that Master will have her continue with her denial past her 365 goal.

Sunday, 28 October 2018