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Thursday, 20 January 2011

First attempt at story

It was suggested to me by my Dom friend to try and write a piece of fiction, well i said to Him i dont think i could do anything like that, but He coaxed me into trying it at least, so here is my attempt, i hope you wont be too critical of it..lol. Thank you Sir for motivating me.


Katie sat on the tube, as usual in her own world, thinking of the conversation she had with her Master the previous night, she like to do this after each time they spoke, going over what they had talked about, picking out parts of their conversation which appealed to her, which gave her the greatest joy. She got off the tube and walked to the hotel, each step quickening as she had to pick up her instructions at exactly 1.30 pm, no sooner no later and she was scared she would be late. Finally she got to the hotel lobby, she looked at her watch it was 1.15 pm so she thought “ oh good, in time”. There was a bit of a queue at the desk but that shouldn’t take too long to shorten. But no, it was now after 1.25 pm, panic starting to set in now, “what do I do now, its not my fault that there is a problem at the desk”, she thought to herself. But He was very specific, no sooner, no later. She couldn’t take the chance and at exactly 1.30 pm she interrupted the irate customer and apologized to them but it was very urgent that she needed to pick up an envelope.

She turned to the receptionist and gave her name and asked if an envelope had been left for her, the receptionist looked at her post and handed the envelope to her. Katie thanked them both and turned and walked a chair in a quiet corner of the hotel lobby. She took a few moments to calm herself and a few deep breathes, she wondered to herself if He had witnessed her dilemma at the desk and how she handled that.

She looked down at the small cream envelope clasped in her hands, nerves surging throughout her whole being, she heard herself asking “what on earth am i doing”, and gave a nervous smile to herself. This is what she wanted, she knew that, this would be the first time that she would see Him for real. Turning it over in her hands to open it, she hesitated, nervous to think what He had written and asked her to complete prior to their meeting. Katie looked around her through the people in the lobby to see if she could catch a glimpse of Him in the crowd, hoping to see Him, to know she wasn’t alone at this moment, but there was no sign of Him, she felt a little deflated as she had hoped that He would have witnessed her being confident, something she didn’t feel she was at the best of times.

Taking out the small card, the first thing she noticed was his penmanship, the flow of the written words and then she glanced through the instructions before she read them more carefully, a smile came upon her mouth as He had addressed her as ‘lil pet’ before each instruction. Those two little words calmed her immediately and brought a sense of ownership to her in her little corner.

His instructions:

lil pet go to the ladies toilet and take a picture of yourself in the items that I asked you to wear on your route to the hotel, then to take another picture once you have remove your panties and send these pictures to Me. You are then to go back and sit in the lobby for 15 minutes with your legs slightly apart so that anyone sitting facing you and decides to look can have a glorious look at your smooth pussy.

lil pet then take the lift to the 3rd floor and go to room 331, when you arrive in the room you are to undress, shower, put your leather collar on the bed, but leave the door of the room ajar, return to the bed and kneel at the side of it, put on your blindfold and wait until Master arrives.

The nerves that Katie felt reading this, the things He has asked her to do made her feel so out of her comfort zone, gave her the feeling of vunerability of being partially naked whilst walking and sitting among people, the vunerabilty of being completely naked in a room with the door left open, the uneasiness that she felt at that particular request, as it could mean that anyone passing could walk into the room.

But she wanted it, she craved it, she needed it, she wanted Him to want her, she wanted to do whatever pleased Him, she wanted to give him complete control and trust of her very being.

Katie sat for a few minutes more, composed herself, put the card back into the envelope along with the room key that was inside as well and walked to the ladies toilet to start His demands.

Katie ensured that the toilets where empty and undressed in the cubicle, only opening the door to allow her to take the photo on her phone in the large mirror facing the cubicle, firstly with her matching white lacey bra and panties, suspenders and black silk stockings that had a red corset braiding effect on the top of the stocking. Then quickly she removed her panties to take the other photo requested, nerves making her stumble in her black crocodile patent heels. Hands shaking, fumbling over the phone to take the last picture, all the time hoping that no one would walk in on her. After she finished she quickly closed the door to the toilet, there she sat down, gathering her nerves, and send the photos to her Master. As she was putting her clothes back on and putting her panties into her bag her phone made the usual phone ring, a tone that was assigned to Him, so she knew when she heard it, it was to be answered immediately.

She answered immediately “Hello Sir”

He replied “My lil pet done well for her first task, you shall be rewarded for this”

Katie smiling down the phone answered “thank you Sir”

He finished the conversation with “continue” and hung up.

She felt ecstatic hearing from Him and how pleased He was with her.

She came out of cubicle and freshened herself up in the mirror, gathered her bags and walked into the lobby, strangely feeling more confident, “i am going to do this, i am going to do this” she repeated over and over to herself.

Katie found a seat in the middle of the lobby, picking a seat that no one was sitting at, hoping that no one would sit there, she put her bags down beside her and by the time she looked up, an elderly gentleman and she presumed his wife sat facing her. “Oh my” she said to herself. She thought “would He know if I completed this”, but no, she knew she had to continue, otherwise what was the point of this whole thing. So she pulled her skirt up to above her knees and opened her legs apart slightly. She looked at her watch and it said 2.00 pm, the next 15 minutes were the longest that she had spent, it was as if this was never going to end. She knew the man noticed that she had no panties on, as he was pulling at his trousers as he was re-arranging his cock to a more comfortable position, she tried not to look at him and concentrate on a magazine she had picked up from the table at the side of the sofa.

Finally the 15 minutes had ended, she put the magazine down and picked her bags up, stood up and re-arranged her skirt, bent down to pick up her bags knowing that the outline of the suspenders would show through her skirt as it tighten when she bent over. Then she looked at the man as she went to walk away, he smiled up at her and she noticed a bigger bulge in his trousers as she walked away. She smiled quietly to herself and walked to the elevator and pressed the button to take her to the 3rd floor.

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