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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Whats not to like


  1. Quite - such bondage is very likeable.

    Enjoy rope.

    P xx

  2. Thank you P

    i enjoy looking at shibari but have not experienced it maybe at some stage i will have that pleasure.

    ls xx

  3. Beautiful! I miss shibari rope bondage. My husband and I haven't had a chance to do it since our son was born... that was 8 months ago! I especially love the second photo.

  4. Hi Alice

    You are very lucky to have experienced shibari, i on the other hand have not had that luck, a little bit of bondage but it is something i would love to experience, i think it is so erotic looking. Hopefully some time in the near future your husband and yourself will allow yourselves to make the time and experience it yet again.

    blossom x