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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


i had a conversation with a Dom about Mentorship and Protector and what that means to individual Doms and submissives. He gave me his interpretation of what these meant to Him but that it might be idea to find out what it means to other Doms and subs.

I think i will talk about mentorship in the first instance and will address Protector at another time.

What does mentorship mean to Y/you? To me it would mean that the Dom would need to have knowledge and experience of the lifestyle. To be trustworthy and approachable. Having the time to guide, support and advise the submissive on a regualar basis, until such time as B/both feel that it is no longer required. For the Dom not to take advantage of the submissive. I also think that it would help if the Dom and submissive have the basis of a friendship, it would make it much easier for the submissive to freely express herself and the Dom wouldnt have to worry about trying to drag everything out of the submissive.

Again i suppose there are different levels of mentorship and i would imagine it could run into other roles that a Dom may have, e.g. Trainor where there would be more physical guidance needed.

Does a mentor enforce punishment or restriction of any kind? I dont think so, i would imagine that this would come under the auspice of the Trainor, but i could be wrong.

i would be interested in what O/others thought about what mentorship means to them and their expectations from receiving it.



  1. I found you through a post by Pygar (A Kind Dom). This is an interesting topic and I though you approached it very well and made it thought provoking.

    I have done what I would consider being a Mentor to a few subs. I think the goal or point is to guide a sub and help her understand her submissive side. It's more of a discussion type situation than anything. An exchange of thoughts, views and opinions, centered around a sub's real feelings, concerns and questions. It's offering advice and opinions based on the Dom's knowledge and experience.

    Taking that to another level, where there is an actual physical interaction, in my opinion anyway, does begin to get outside the Mentor role. That is more of a training situation, which is something totally different, but can be done in conjunction with being a Mentor, as long as both parties understand the situation fully and agree.


  2. Thank you Sir for taking the time to visit my blog and to comment.

    i am happy to see i wasnt far off in my understanding of mentorship.

    would it be ok if i linked to Your blog? and thank you for being my first follower :)

    blossom x

  3. You're welcome for the comment and the follow. I'm sure you'll get more from being linked in Pygar's post. You are more than welcome to link and/or follow my blog. I would appreciate it.

    Take my opinion for what you paid for it. LOL! Others may have a different view on the whole Mentoring scenario, but that's how I approach it personally.