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Monday, 14 February 2011

What to talk about

Obviously there is loads to talk about regarding bdsm, but most of the blogs that i have been reading or looking through are about submissives and their relationships with their Masters. I feel at a loss sometimes that i dont have that myself and begin to wonder what is the point of carrying on with a blog if there isnt that much in it that is interesting to readers. Is this what readers want to read in blogs the dynamics of a D/s relationship or random thoughts, some topics. It would be nice to get ideas of what readers would like to read.


  1. I am a reader of your blog. I enjoy BDSM and everyday thoughts. Keep exploring your thoughts and feelings.
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I enjoy reading your thoughts, and exploring questions with you. I think you should write about whatever you want, but since you asked what I'd like to read I'd really like to read about your opinions on BDSM topics, your personal thoughts... I especially like posts like the "protector" one where you had an opinion but wanted the thoughts and experiences of your readers. I love interactive blog posts.

    Don't stop writing just because you don't have a relationship to write about.


  3. Don't give up, it has been lovely to come back to lots of "catch up reading", and one blog I always look forward to is yours. Thoughts are interesting and begin to give us an incite into how each other thinks, sometimes I think I dont include enough thoughts in mine, dont stop.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!
    HS xx

  4. Personally I think you are doing fine. You are finding and discovering yourself and more about D/s and BDSM. That journey in itself can be wonderful. The more you read other blogs, websites, etc... the more you will learn and the more questions you will have. Your thoughts about what you learn and question is a good place to start with your own posts. Then you can receive comments and begin a discussion about those topics.

    This is your blog! Write about what you want. Whether it be D/s or vanilla life. I write about life every once in a while. I do posts on D/s. I post humor. I do the weekly FAF. It is a mixture of it all to some degree. So don't feel bad about what you write. this is your little piece of the web, and you can write about whatever you like. :)


  5. Thank you all for your comments and it has endeavoured me to keep going, im glad to see that you all enjoy reading about what i write, has helped me realise im not doing it wrong...lol.

    thank you submissivebf, i will definitely keep exploring!!!

    thank you Alice, i love hearing about other Doms/subs opinions, lets me know im going in the right direction...lol

    thank you HS, its nice to know you keep coming back to catch up

    Thank you DV, im an avid reader of your blog, also thank you for reminding me that my blog, it is for me and not for what others might want to see.

    blossom xxx