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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fun or Not

Would this be anyone's cup of tea!!!! You would think the guy in the mask would come better prepared, im sure he is light headed after blowing the balloon up...lol

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  1. Ok that was just weird.

  2. There are some others there too where she is almost completely enclosed in a rubber ball.

    Strange, Alice - yes. Wierd, thesubmissivebf - yes.

    But ....

    kind of interesting! LOL

  3. Alice and thesubmissivebf it does look wierd and strange, and even stupid looking lol

    Yes Sir i have also seen the clips where one was enclosed in the ball, claustrophic springs to my mind...lol, i aint good with anything that makes me feel that way, e.g. hoods.

    blossom xx