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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Well readers i just have to share this with you. I have come back from a couple of days away yet again!!!!!...lol and have just had the most superb deep massage ever. Dont get me wrong the pain i felt at the bottom of my back and the tops of my shoulders was sore, very sore, but as she pushed down with each movement it was the sensations that i received each time going down to a certain spot!!!! then the lightness of her touch on each pressure point all i can say is wow, such a glorious feeling of pain mixed in with pleasure.

Then i had a leg scrub, the feeling of that being rubbed into each leg, again a yummy feeling, and the hotness of the cloth washing it away. But then came the cool silkiness of the cream oil being rubbed into each leg, the smoothness of each stroke up to the tops of my thighs...mmmm. Hot stones then being applied to massage each leg, well what can i say, again another superb sensation reaching a certain point, what wicked thoughts i had then!!!! wrong or what?????

Oh i could do with a massage like that every day and i would never say no...lol.

Has any others experienced sensations like that when receiving one?


  1. I love a sensuous massage rather than a deep painful one. Done well it can take one to a special place.

  2. I would second you on that Sir.

    blossom xx