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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Pet Play

Searching through the multitude bdsm sites i have come across pet play or training which include pony, kitten, puppy to name but a few, probably the more popular form of play and i was wondering if this would appeal to the majority of submissives or does it take a special type of submissive. The submissives and trainers who do have this type of relationship would it be sexual or non sexual for them? For example the simple stroke of a submissives neck or hair would this be classed as sexual or a pony girl pulling a sulky with her owner in it would this be classed as sexual?

I use to wear my leash at times and would walk behind my Master but i never thought of it as any type of pet play, i assumed it was to do with pure control, does it mean that subconsciously that i was open to perhaps becoming a kitten or puppy for Him if he had of taken it that little bit further, a little bit of me thinks that i may have enjoyed this type of training/role play? To hear One say during aftercare the spoken words 'well done my little pet' i think there is something warm and cuddly in those words.

But what is exactly involved in this type of role play, i would imagine taking on all the mannerisms of the particular pet you would wish to become, whether its barking, meowing, or even whinnying, being playful, cuddling up to your owner, being fed, eating out of a bowl, personnally i think that this would be my limit, I am in awe of those submissives who go the whole way in fully becoming the particular animal they wish to be. For example pony girls, who wear full harnesses, masks etc, who trot whilst pulling sulkies, i would love to know what they actually get out of this type of roleplay.

Can the tables be turned during these role plays, one would always assume that its the submissive who becomes the pet but could the submissive take on a more dominant role, i dont know that much about it.

I would be interested in hearing from those who have had the pleasure of this type of roleplay and what they got from it, how it made them feel, would they like to be in that role constantly?


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