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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sensory Deprivation

I had mentioned in a comment on my video clip showing a girl wearing a latex ball that i would feel claustrephobic if i was to wear a hood or even anything over my face. This got me thinking about Sensory Depriviation.

So what is Sensory Deprivation, its the deliberate removal of our senses. Whether its the wearing of a hood, a blindfold, ear plugs, gloves etc, and im sure somewhere in the bdsm world there are other mechanisms to remove other senses etc, of which i wouldnt be aware given i havent had much experience or practice in this type of play. Now a part of me would feel safe enough wearing a blindfold or ear plugs as i feel that this is quite erotic the not knowing of what is going to happen to you next, the knowledge that your Dom is in the room with you or is he???, trying to feel any vibration around you, the nervousnous you feel until know He is with you.

This is obviously very light sensory deprivation but what about those who wear a hood or a suit, i often wonder how they cope with the wearing of these items of clothing. Even the look of a hood is terrifying to me!!!

But yet they get so much out of wearing these items, how do they do it??? what feelings do they get out of it??? how do they manage to breathe??? is there special training to wear these items??? is the same type of aftercare given coming out of their confinement??? i would imagine it would be different given the intensity of what they are experiencing. i would think that great care would need to be given, because i would imagine that if this type of play isnt done correctly then this could cause the sub anxiety, or play havoc with their imagination. To me this type of play isnt for the faint hearted...lol

Would a Dom who enjoyed this type of play try to push his sub's limits to trying this out if they knew it was a hard limit for the sub??? How far would he go???

As usual i have a lot of questions (wouldnt be like me!!!) so I would love to hear other's opinions/thoughts on this type of play and if they have experienced it and what they thought about it.


  1. The extremes that you're speaking of I've been curious about myself. I'm not sure I'd want to try them for myself, but the whole idea of the hood specifically reminds me a bit of my childhood. When I was very young I used to place a scarf over my head and it appeared to be random. I have no memories of actually doing this, but I know it is true (there are pictures). I also remember the feeling it gave me, and it had a very calming effect. Everyone thought I was weird. So, I've wondered before if the hood would have a similar effect.

  2. Hi Alice

    Thank you for sharing that, when i wanted to hide away from things i would have done that, trying to make myself invisible..lol, so from one wierd one to another...lol. It is not something that i would want to try as i said in my post, the confinement of the latex around my face i just know i couldnt cope with that, but i suppose if the hood was made from something else then that may be different.

  3. Yeah, I'm unsure about the confinement of the latex, but I wouldn't be averse to trying it. As long as for the first few times, or however many times I needed, I could have the rest of me unbound I think I would be fine. I enjoy breath play, and I enjoy bondage and confinement, so if I could get past the ridiculousness of how the latex hood looks I think I could do it and maybe even enjoy it.

  4. Although I enjoy being blindfolded and breath play, having things over my face makes me very claustrophobic (to the point of complete panic) and it's an area I really have no experience in. As far as latex goes, I'm quite allergic to it so a latex hood would be my worst nightmare!
    Sensory deprivation is a fascinating arena though.

  5. You might be interested in looking at trinity pup's blog here.

    She too was very frightened of hoods. It was a hard limit. But she met and became very close to a Master who was very into hoods. She wrote at the time of trying it out and the difficulties - though she now enjoys them. I'm afraid I haven't had time to look back but if you browse there you may find the account.

    For myself I do enjoy blindfolding and restraining a sub then administering a mixture of different sensations. It is fun knowing she cannot tell where she will be touched next and how. It brings together the psychological and the physical so well. I think it also helps build trust.

    P xx

  6. Hi Alice

    like everything else it takes time to push limits etc. I may do a post sometime on breath play as this is something that i have never experienced and i would love to hear your experience in having it done to you.

    blossom xx

  7. Hi lil

    welcome to my blog, like you i really dont think that i could cope with a latex hood no matter what..lol. I see you also enjoy breath play so like Alice i will enjoy hearing of your experience when i write a post on this.

    blossom xx

  8. Hi Sir

    wow i just looked at trinity pups blog and i really dont know how she can do that, that is so scary looking to me, a very brave sub to me.

    Love that too Sir being blindfolded, restrained and waiting on the knowing and unknowing that may take place. I would agree with you about it helping to build trust just need to look at trinity pup to see that Sir...lol

    blossom xx