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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Training Techniques

I was wondering if Doms have favourite training techniques that they liked to use when undertaking the training of a new sub and if they would like to share some of the techniques with us as there may be potential subs out there wondering what types of training would be used should they decide to go down the road of bdsm.


  1. Interesting post! I think you're trying to get inside our minds. It won't work. We are too strong! The force is with us!!! LOL!

    On a serious not, this will be different for everyone I'm sure. For me, there is a lot of talk and discussions. There is a lot of situational talks about different types of play. There is a lot of discussion about feelings, wants, needs, and desires. Play is moved into slowly, for the most part. Anyone that wants to rush into play scares me a bit. Although many subs are gung ho and ready to move at light speed, they have to be slowed. Even I want to move faster than I probably should at times. It will all come in time, and you must be patient. Talk, share ideas, do, reflect, and start all over.


  2. Hello Sir

    now as if we humble subs could get inside the mind of a Dom, we wouldnt even contemplate the thought...lol

    Thank you for sharing a very sensible introduction.

    blossom xx