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Thursday, 24 February 2011


I was reading a post on fetlife about the wearing of collars whether its a physical or emotional collar.

When i was collared to a previous Dom i wore physical collars, an everyday collar and then when we played on cam and in real life when we met up i wore my leather collar with leash attached. For me i couldnt wait to wear something that He put around my neck, even though i knew i belonged to Him in every aspect it was the icing on the cake as they say, when i felt His hands around my neck and then placing each collar on my bare neck. To me this meant the world and i wore each of my collars with pride. So i loved the feeling of a physical collar, showing proudly His ownership of me, even though no one knew anything about what i was wearing and what it meant, but i did, *smiles into myself*.

My favourite collar was my leather one with my leash attached to it, i loved sitting by His feet while He held it in His hand or draped it over the arm of a chair or took me for a walk. Putting on that collar just filled me with so much feeling and emotion.

So i thought i would ask what the readers of my blog thought about collars?

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  1. I like collars. I would like to wear one every day, and have a special one with four D rings for play. I had a collar once, it was large and awkward and it didn't fit me very well, we got rid of it. The Boss and I have talked about collars and whether I should/will wear one someday and the answer is unclear... I only know that I do not wear a typical collar now, nor do I forsee it in the future. I do however have a necklace with a dog tag that says on the back, Property of Andrew, and wearing that has a huge effect on me. We don't have any rituals about me wearing it or putting it on and taking it off, but regardless of who puts it on me (me or Andrew) I always feel more peaceful, more submissive, and just happier. It's a nice physical reminder that I don't belong to myself, I belong to Andrew.