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Sunday, 26 June 2011


What is submission? Submission is an act whereby one gives control over to another, this can be a scary prospect for someone to do, so it is very important that the person that you give the control to is someone who you trust implicitly. It is important for the submissive to still have a certain amount of control in how much control she will allow the Dominant to have. The majority of women and men who are submissive are usually very strong, opinionated, articulate people, not the type of people one would expect to be submissive, but it is a yearning that comes from deep inside the person, they want nothing more than to hand control over to another, to control as much of the submissives life as they allow, also more important there has to be an emotional bond between Dominant and submissive.

One reads there are different levels of submission but each person fits into their own role of submission and what they wish to gain from it, what their needs are, and if a Dominant can given them what they require, one wonders who the stronger person is in this type of relationship, most people think probably think its the Dominant, i beg to differ.

To be submissive comes from deep within oneself, its a need, a thirst that needs to be quenched. The thought of giving over your loyality, trust, faith, passion, love to someone who you want to belong to is an amazing, fulfilling feeling. Each submissive has their own personal level of submission that they feel comfortable in giving, but sometimes with a little more push from their Dominant they give that little bit extra.

But not all submission has to have physical contact, a lot of the time it can be mental control, either via email, phone, but at other times it can be intensely physical.

Then there are subs who are not submissive but enjoy the dynamics of the play, but i feel true submission comes from deep within, its natural, its in your being, though i didnt feel this until it was brought out more by my previous Master. Though i must admit when i was younger i felt different, loved different things, loved spilling wax onto myself, loved being chased, caught and tied up, loved pretending to be an animal, and then being walked around on a piece of rope.

To me its the mental control that i find exciting, having someone control everything that i do, from what i eat, read, watch in my daily life to physical control, bondage, sensory deprivation and of course a little pain!!

When one thinks about it i am sure there is a little bit of submission in all of us, to have someone take that control from you, to take care of you, i think even Dominants have had this thought at some point in their life. Submission isnt a weakness, not in the least, it takes a strong person to put their trust in someone, to let them basically hold your life in their hands, that is true submission to me.


  1. I really like this post. "Hold your life in their hands" about sums it up for me too. Definitely not easy, but with true submission there's no turning back. He decides. And yes absolutely I agree the sub has control over how much control is given, and how much that can be pushed. Important.

  2. Thank you K for your comment. Oooo the power we subs have!!!!1 lol

    blossom xx

  3. Ahhh...the age old argument of who really has the control and power. But, I won't digress, as that is a total different post(s). This was very well written and right on point. There is absolutely nothing weak about a person who submits. It takes a very strong person, emotionally and mentally, to be able to submit.

    There is also nothing wrong with each submissive submitting only to the point they are comfortable with. There are also Doms that only want to control to a certain level. Some want/need more control than others. This is a perfect example of why it is so important to find the perfect partner for you, and not settle for anything less than that. You have to have someone that matches your needs and desires and on the same level as yourself.

    As a Dominant, I highly regard and respect a woman who can submit. As you said, I can be holding your life in my hands. To know you trust me enough to let me do that...to me that is an honor. That means as much as anything else.


  4. Hello DV

    Thank you Sir for your lovely comments, and i loved it when you said 'to me that is an honor', that means so much for a sub to hear that.

    ~smiles~ blossom xx