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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


What is a contract within BDSM. Contracts within BDSM are usually between a Master and submissive/slave. These can be very detailed, or just something that is in agreement between both parties, it is whatever both parties want and indepth as they feel is necessary.

For some within the community a contract like this can be as binding as a marriage certificate and i feel more significant because of the dynamics and intensity of the relationship between Master and submissive.

A lot can be detailed in the contract from the length of time it should last especially if both Master and submissive are just starting out on their relationship to detailing rules, rituals, protocols, and limits, really whatever is needed for the relationship to work it should be included in the contract.

A sample copy of a contract could include the following:

D/s Contract

I, ________________________, with a free mind and an open heart; do request of
_______________________ that He accept the submission of my will unto His and to take me into His care and guidance, that W/we may grow together in love, trust and mutual respect. The satisfaction of His wants, desires, and whims are consistent with my desire as a submissive to be found pleasing to Him. To that end, I offer Him use of my time, talents, and abilities. Further, I ask, in sincere humility, that, as my Master, He accept the keeping of my body for the fulfillment and enhancement of O/our sexual, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs. To achieve this, He may have unfettered use of my body any time, any place, in front of anyone; to keep or to give away, as He will determine.

I ask that He guide me in any sexual, sensual, or scene-related behavior, both together with, and separate from Him, in such a way as to further my growth as a person.

I request of _______________________, as my Master, that he use the power vested in His role; to mold and shape me; assisting me to grow in strength, character, confidence, and being, and that He continue to help me to develop my artistic and intellectual abilities.

In return, I agree:

To obey His commands to the best of my ability.

To strive to overcome feelings of guilt or shame, and all inhibitions that interfere with my capability to serve Him and limit my growth as His submissive.

To maintain honest and open communication.

To reveal my thoughts, feelings, and desires without hesitation or embarrassment.

To inform Him of wants and perceived needs, recognizing that He is the sole judge of whether or how these shall be satisfied.

To strive toward maintenance of a positive self-image and development of realistic expectations and goals.

To work with Him to become a happy and self-fulfilled individual.

To work against negative aspects of my ego and my insecurities that would interfere with advancement of these aims.

My surrender as a submissive is done with the knowledge that nothing asked of me will demean me as a person, and will in no way diminish my own responsibilities toward making utmost use of my potential. In recognition of my family obligations, nothing will be required of me that will in any way damage or harm my children, nor interfere with the performance of my duties as mother and as wife.

This I, _______________________, do entreat, with lucidity and the realization of what this means, both stated and implied, in the conviction that this offer will be understood in the spirit of faith, caring, esteem and devotion in which it is given.

Should either of U/us find that our aspirations are not being well served by this agreement, find this commitment too burdensome, or for any other reason wish to cancel, E/either may do so by verbal notification to the O/other, in keeping with the consensual nature of this agreement. W/we both understand that cancellation means a cessation of the control stated and implied within this agreement, not a termination of O/our relationship as friends and lovers. Upon cancellation, each of U/us agrees to offer to the other H/his or her reasons and to assess our new needs and situation openly and lovingly.

This agreement shall serve as the basis for an extension of O/our relationship, committed to in the spirit of loving and consensual dominance and submission with the intention of furthering self-awareness and exploration, promoting health and happiness, and improving both O/our lives.

I offer my consent to submission to ______________________________ under the terms stated above on this the ________ day of _____________ in the year ________.

Signature of Submissive

I offer my acceptance of submission by ______________________________ under the terms stated above on this the ________ day of ______________ in the year ________.

Signature of Dominant

When i was with my previous Master we had talked about having a contract between us, at the time i would have loved to have had this, especially as the relationship was only new and of course all new subs want to be owned in this way with their Master, between a contract and their collar what more could a submissive ask for...lol, but sadly i never did get my contract which is probably a blessing in disguise given the way things ended it would have destroyed the whole meaning of this.

How do other submissives feel about a contract, would they have one? or would verbal words have the same effect?

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  1. I'm new to this and enjoy summiting to my boyfriend.Its a power exchange that for me is complete trust and love.In bed this is easy.But on day to day like I have a will of my own.And I find myself waiting for his direction .I can't antisapate what the he wants.and when I disappoint him its devastating to me.Is there some kind of book I can read to know how to be a good sub?