A Blossom of pinkness for blossom. .

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


How does it feel to hide behind who you really are:

To hide behind the emotions that you want to express and share
To hide behind the things that the vanilla world doesn’t completely understand
To hide behind the physical and mental needs you want to experience and learn from
To hide behind the mask of who you truly are and what you want
To hide behind the constraints of normality of the vanilla world
To hide behind the dictation of what is suppose to be right and wrong
To hide behind the yearning that comes from deep within you
To hide behind the eyes of someone who is lost and wants to be found
I am that person, I am hiding


  1. somehow i'm hiding myself like this as well, it's hard & not feeling good but just can't show the real me.

  2. I hope one day such hiding will be extinct. All the best x

  3. Hi sl

    i know it can be difficult at times but hopefully some day we can be who we want to be

    blossom xx

  4. Hi sub-kitten

    that would be so nice.

    blossom xx