i just thought i would pose a question to my readers, something that has happened to me and may happen to O/others.

If you are in an M/s or D/s relationship and are largely dependent on your Owner, have you discussed what would happen if something fatal happened to your Owner or yourself, or if either of You went into hospital, thinking mostly if you are in a LDR.  Do you think this should be discussed before committing to each O/other?, What if either or both have a significant other how would you let your other half know what had happened? What steps would you take to ensure that you wouldnt be left not knowing.

Personally in a previous relationship i was just left, no communication, no indication anything was wrong or that anything had happened to him, no matter when i brought the subject up i was never given any real indication of what steps would be taken, i just kept being ignored, in hindsight a big mistake on my part, but i have learnt a hard lesson, so in any further relationships that is definitely one thing i will be asking for and it will give me peace of mind.