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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sexual aids

i read this article on a well known main street chemist in the uk selling sexual aids in some of their shops and i was wondering what my readers thought of this, do you think its a good idea or do you think things such as sexual aids should be hidden and only sold in establishments for that specific purpose.


here is the link, im not sure if i have done this right but you could copy and paste it to view it, im not very techy...smiles


  1. I would not say it's a big deal.

    As the case of the 43 old grandma cited in the article seems to confirm ;-))) it is probaly not very dependent on the store's actions whether kids get acquainted with sexuality.

    Doing so at a place where they may come with their parents may actually provide some opportunities for more healthy encounters than at particular internet sites or secret glares in much more dubious booklets.

  2. I dunno..partly i think it's better kept in adults -only stores. However, i see how it could become an unexpected opportunity for responsible parents to educate their kids about sex. Still, i prefer to keep a clear line drawn between adult world and kids world. Sex is private. And now i sound like a total prude. Lol..

  3. Remember when condoms were only sold behind the counter. Now they are often displayed on racks in the health session and nobody bats an eye. I don't think it is a problem to sell these things out in the open. I think the more we hide anything about sex, the more we make it seem taboo instead of a wonderful part of life to be enjoyed. And if children are in stores, they are usually with adults who get to decide what they want to tell them. But that's just me and I respect any other opinions on the matter.


  4. thank you MrJ..i would agree with You it is important to give them opportunities for more healthy encounters instead of treating it as a taboo subject, as there have been many children who have grown up with problems regarding sex

  5. Thanks K

    i agree too a line has to be drawn between the worlds but its important that the parents introduce it to them in a healthy manner.

    blossom x

  6. thank you FD

    yes i agree with you, its important that the parents decide what they should know, and show them there is nothing wrong with sex and that it is a healthy part of life.

  7. I don't think they should be hidden. I read the article and the products looked tastefully packaged and sold. They seemed more like "vanilla" sex toys than D/s items anyway. lol. I agree sex is natural and to make it taboo and "bad" only contributes to poor self image and makes us feel more deviant than we already are. :-)

    love, squirrel

  8. Thanks squirrel

    We all seem to be singing from the same hymn book as they say...smiling. We all agree its important not to make sex a taboo subject and to keep it healthy.

    blossom x

  9. I am sure it is all very tame and if a child asks about it a parent can choose to tell them the truth or not (like parents do all the time!). Surely 'it's an adult toy' would suffice.
    It's the Daily Mail - they are bound to make a stupid deal of it.

  10. oooh i'm a bit late into this conversation..but ditto to everything FD said.
    My biggest personal and social frustration is the taboo we create around sex and play. I spend my life hiding the real me but for this persona on the internet ..and we all know what plays on the internet stays on the internet.
    i don't think a thusand kiddies are going to march into the chemist and start playing with the vibrators (even if they do have batteries)