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Monday, 6 February 2012


i was wanting to know what my submissive readers thought about Their Dominants putting Their mark on Their submissive's body either permanently or via some delicious punishment...smiling.

Permanent marks are something Dominants and submissives think and talk about occasionally. There is nothing like knowing that you carry some form of mark somewhere on your body proudly show His Ownership of you.

But then there is the downside of this if Y/your relationship should end, i know i have been in that position myself, though thank goodness i never got their name tattooed onto my skin so it would be advisable never to do this, though i thought my relationship with that person was serious given the number of years we had been together.

i can think of three types of permanent markings, Branding, Tattoos and cuttings and these have their pros and cons but one would need to consider the risks that come with these types of markings. Then there are the markings that come with the cane, flogger, etc, with these types of implements come the bruises, welts, etc, these are also delicious to wear proudly for your Dominant but fade quickly unless of course they are repeated.

But lets look at the permanent markings.

What is branding? It is the burning of a symbol, name or other image of ownership into the skin of a person with the intention of making the scar permanent using a hot or cold iron. This obviously needs to be done safely and if a Dominant and His slave decide to have this done they should get an expert to do it for them, unless of course the Dominant is an expert in this.

Then we have tattoos as another category of permanent marking. Again this should be only done by a skin artist, i personally love tattoos and have a couple myself, but as i said i think it is a better idea not to have the Dominants name put into the tattoo. One would also need to be careful of possible diseases e.g HIV etc which could be transmitted via the needles.

Cutting is another form of permanent marking. This is very risky, again this should only be done by an expert. In this type of marking we also have tattoos that are created by the removal of the skin this is called Scarification, horrendous to look at which it is first done but the final result is quite amazing. This is definitely not something an amateur should attempt!!!

So it would be an idea to be absolutely sure that this is something you B/both really want to do and are committed to each O/other.

So would any of my submissive readers like to wear their Dominants mark? and would any of my Dominant readers have a preference for their submissive to wear their mark? i would be interested in hearing what you say.


  1. Great post for discussion, blossom :)

    I love wearing the marks my Master leaves with his hand and belt.

    I would have to feel very sure of my relationship before I put a pea bent mark on my body. I think the only one I would consider would be a tattoo.

    I'm interested in what other submissives and Dominants think about this.

    Take care. Fondly. Sky

  2. Hi blossom..possibly tattoo..would like him to design or us design together. Most permanent mark i like to have is a special glow on my face when with him or thinking about him. It's ridiculous.. Hugs, K

  3. Sir has me mark myself with a marker everyday. Same two phrases. Same place. He loves the signs of his ownership on me.

  4. I have to admit the thought of permanent marking never really crossed my mind (although I'm sure if Wolf ever comes across the idea it will end up being required, lol). I've never been too enamored with tattoos and I guess I think the other ideas you brought up are more ... um ... erotic (dark me). :-)

  5. Sky ... yes temporary marks are delish...i love all marks

    K...what a lovely permanent mark the glow on a subs face, one that i forgot

    Poured out...hhhmmm wonder two phrases Sir has you write...smiles

    Squirrel... i love all types of marks even the more darker ones...though come to think of it i may draw the line at branding!!!...eeekkkk

  6. My sub has my signature initials by her heart my complete signature on her left wrist and my signature and mark of being my breeder sub on her femal artery along her inner thigh all to signify that her heart mind body and soul are the property of Daddy and that her heart beats only for Daddy

  7. I am a male sub to my wife. She had a tattoo done on my left shoulder blade that is a key. The key is a skeleton key and the teeth of the keys have JSUB on them. She is planning on adding a chain and lock to the tattoo.

  8. One mark that I feel is similar to cutting, is a bite, if done deep enough, and in the right spot, this can be a very good permanent mark to have, I should know, u also have the thought of ur Dom being the one who put it there, not an artist or someone else

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