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Thursday, 12 January 2012


i was just wondering do any of my readers, Dominant or submissive dress in a certain way. Are you required to dress/undress in a certain way for your Dominant? or does your Dominant dress in a certain way when you B/both scene together?


  1. Rule # 10: i will Remove all Clothing in the way i have been taught when my Dom commands me to do so-regardless of who may be present and despite where i am - i trust my Dom.

    i am almost always naked when W/we are alone. To get naked, my clothes get removed in an orderly fashion, folded neatly and placed at his feet or presented to Him if W/we are on skype and gets put aside when He indicates to do so.

    Protocol is everchanging, depending on where W/we are at - W/we usually discuss it prior to going anywhere, but a good rule of thumb for that is to start at high protocol.



  2. when I find Dom ... I'll let you know :)


  3. Master makes the occasional request that I wear something in specific, or orders me to undress a certain way while we scene. I also try to wear colors he is more drawn to.

  4. My rule on this point is that, during play, my submissve is cuffed, collared and otherwise undressed, unless otherwise told. That otherwise may involve romatic-submissive or slutty dress.
    I do not dress in any specific way - respecting her feeling that this creates too much sense of distance.

  5. Day to day, I am actually required to wear colors that match my Master's clothing (thankfully he wears a lot of different colors). Sometimes I cannot wear underwear and he will go without also on the same day. As far as general dress, I can wear anything. As we are going to be meeting in person soon, I'll have to report back on the scening. lol. :-)

    love, squirrel

  6. Thank you kfS i love protocol as well, thank you for sharing yours with us.

    Littleone i hope you find your dom soon

    Kitten how lovely for you to wear colours that your Master is drawn to and i am sure he appreciates that

    Mr J thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing how you like your sub to be dressed or undressed as it may be...smiles

    Hi squirrel thank you for letting us know how Your Master prefers you to wear colours to match his, i too have done the going without underwear, delicious isnt it??