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Monday, 6 May 2019

488 days

488 days and counting...that is how long this girl has been in her denial of orgasms....have to say the edging is just wonderful and the ruining of an orgasm is something quite delicious....never thought one would say it but dont think one will want to orgasm ever again!!!! why ruin these delicious feelings for something that will be over in seconds.  one is having so much fun with this and Master does like to torment His girl at the same time....which all adds to the fun of it....really thought one would get frustrated and annoyed like one use to do but no....not at all....am really having fun and ooooo the naughty thoughts one thinks about as she edges for Master...well those are just mmmmmm.

You should really give this a try :)


  1. My slave just may get her wish in never having another orgasm. she has become so much more submissive and and her arousal is never ending. Whereas before she would have up and down days. Sometimes not feeling aroused. Now she is aroused and needy every day,just as I enjoy her being...

    1. Thank you Master...she knows that is how You prefer Your girl to be and W/we are loving this part of O/our lifestyle.

  2. It is, and it has become an amazing part of O/our life...