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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

365 Days or One Whole Year

Never in a million years did she think she would ever do this but she has done it....One whole year of NO orgasms....just edging and more edging and riding that edge too....am really happy that one has completed Master's task but no rest for the wicked as they say and so it continues....one really does love this...many years ago early in O/our relationship Master tried to get this girl to undertake orgasm denial....gosh such a fuss one made when asked to do this task...like a little brat not wanting to do this, throwing her toys out of the cot as they say....but this time obviously through maturity lol but she embraced it this time....and well she achieved it and made Master a very happy Owner....so what now....she will continue until Master decides to let her know what He requires from her....but He loves His girl in this state, she keeps Him very happy and thats all that really matters isnt it.

so huge smiles here....and a well done to moi.


  1. My slave has made Me so proud. It did take a few fits and starts over the years, but My slave finally accepted this task, and embraced it completely. she has by far exceeded My expectations and I expect her to continue doing so.

    I am one proud Master. The Owner of an amazingly devoted slave.


  2. Wow, that is an amazing achievement, well done xx

  3. That is a huge achievement! I don't know if it is something I could do... though the TRYING of doing it would probably yield great results.