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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Loving her tasks....

over the past couple of days Master has moved this girls training up a notch or two...huge smiles...and this girl is absolutely loving every moment of it...you can read about things this girl has gotten up to over on Master's blog at http://thetrainingofmylovelyslut.blogspot.co.uk   Master also changed the name of His blog to The training of My sexy slave though the link above says different...this girl is honored and over the moon with this...thank you Master.

Master talked about this girl wearing His rope cuffs all night which this girl loved doing...it was amazing to feel Master's control during her night when she wakened from her sleep, but fell back to sleep again immediately, it did feel strange though she will admit to that being unable to move her arms around, or put one's hands under her pillow...smiles...but when she woke up Master was the first person she thought of...smiles

What Master omitted to say in His posting was that He has put this girl onto complete restriction from touching His property, this girl is on permanent orgasm denial anyhow but Master allows this girl to touch His property and edge for Him but not this time, she is only allowed to clean and dry herself, which makes this girl feeling quite hot and horny, this will continue until Master gives her permission to touch herself again....this girl does love this task, she loves to wait with sweet anticipation as to when Master will give her her release and in the meantime she will drive herself silly with the frustration of being unable to touch herself..her fingers want to do a bit of walking....smiles..her hands are tied by an invisible rope so to speak....watch this space!!!!


  1. Good read... and I'm smiling with you (and getting horny with you!). So happy that you're happy!


    1. hi Missy...smiles glad you can join this girl in her little task...lol...thank you...smiles

      blossom x

  2. My boyfriend and I have been playing along these lines .Nether one of really know what we are doing but enjoy it none the less.He asked me about a contract.I find it easy to summit during sex but everyday task.I find it hard to antispate his next move.And when I disappoint him it devastating.can you help me know just how I am to behave.

  3. hi Anon

    dont be getting too far ahead of yourselves if you are just starting out.. sit down with him and write out your limits, desires and what you are looking to get out of it. Do this when they aren’t in the heat of the moment, prior to any play. You both need to decide to what level you want to take it to and are comfortable with, find out what he expects from you...Do you know how far you wish to submit. Just take things very slow, baby steps if you are just starting out. It’s okay to go slow and progress one step at a time. you shouldn’t have to anticipate any of his moves if you are submitting to him, he needs to lay out his expectations for you and guide ypu...he has to take the control. Do a lot of talking beforehand so you both know what is going to take place. No one can read another’s mind especially as you are both just starting out. Read read read...there are forms listing all activities and you fill out so everything is out in the open. Usually under BDSM checklist, or something similar, also look into having a safeword and to check all safety aspects of playing depending of course what you are into....everyone has to learn and thats okay...smiles....hope some of this helps you...you can also email me privately if there is anything else i can help you with...smiles

    blossom x