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Saturday, 26 October 2013


a little snippet of the knife play that W/we both enjoyed during O/our time with each O/other...smiles

I took my knife. A heavy bladed lock blade knife that has a keen edge. she lay on her stomach and I began dragging it across her back. Using the point to trace long lines across her. From shoulder to shoulder, then hip to shoulder. Scratching a large "W" on her back to mark her as my property. I unfortunately couldn't make it permanent...grins...she shivered a few times as she felt the sharp edge of the blade drag across her tender flesh. Lines criss-crossed her back in every direction.
I had her turn onto her back so I could torment those big, tender tits, and also so she could see the blade as it touched her flesh. Seeing it coming towards her sensitive nipples and soft breasts. I dragged it along the sensitive under side of her tits, and across her ribs. I used the point of the blade and lightly stabbed at her hard nipples. Causing her to moan and squirm. I tormented those soft globes for awhile as she moved under me. I wanted to taste her blood, but refrained. Later to find out she wanted the same thing....sighs...Another time for sure...

 This act alone showed Master this girl put her life in His hands, He had total control over her, she lay on the bed, no ties, no binding just pure and utter trust in Him, this was a very intense and mind blowing moment for U/us both. One that W/we hope will be repeated...smiles

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