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Monday, 23 July 2012

Tack Bra

(mine wasnt as good as this one)

i dont have a lot of experience with pain, something that was never on my radar when it came to my submission, my biggest thrill from my previous relationship was complete control over me, but no matter how much i pushed for this it didnt really happen for me, all one sided on my part...but we learn by these mistakes.

But since i have been with Master He has taught this girl to embrace pain, to embrace the delicious feeling one gets from marking oneself...smiles...never ever in a million years did i think that i would ever do this, would ever get to experience subspace through this, but i have with Him...He is absolutely wonderful and wicked with it...laughs

He has been introducing little things for me to try which involves pain, small steps and i really do admire any slave that can accept the pain that is inflicted on them from their Master's, true masochists...well i am just starting on that road and anything that i have done to date is mild compared to what they do but its major to me..and Master is very proud of His girl for this...smiles.

So i just wanted to mention a little task i had to do yesterday which involved thumb tacks, cardboard and inserting it into the cups of my bra....well you can imagine how nervous i was to wear something like this, but i have been craving some type of pain and Master thought it would be a good way to get this without drawing much attention to myself.  So off i set and made it up.

it was like a scene out of blue peter (a childrens programme over this side of the schuck!!! which shows you how to make things...lol) got my cardboard and thumb tacks, i used toothpaste cardboard as it was the right length and put in around 10 thumb tacks in each piece and inserted it into my bra....boy did they pinch when going it and moving them around so it felt comfortable, if you can say that with pins digging into ones breasts...laughs

i thought i would only last a little while wearing this but actually i kept them in for over 3 hours (smug look on face...lol) and during that time i put pressure onto my breasts either through leaning on them or folding my arms so i could press them deeper into the breast tissue or just use my hands and push against them...looking at the little row of pins through my shirt and bra looked so sexy too...smiles..that feeling of pinching and hurting anytime i moved was amazing and i felt it constantly for the whole time...that brought my submission to the fore and i loved every moment of it.

the pain also of removing them and pulling some of the tacks out of the breast was quite painful too but such  a beautiful row of little pin points were left in my breasts, Master loved seeing these and was very proud of His girl that she was wearing His mark...He insists she wears His mark as often as she can...and this girl loves to wear it also....so i was quite proud of those little marks and they are still there even if they are faint now...but i love them and so does Master...smiles

Master is so taken with them that He says they will be a regular occurance along with something else He has me do!!!! as well as have me make a bigger one which will cover more of the breast....delicious!!!...what a lucky slave i am...smiles.


  1. This is something i have ever tried and you have me all curious about it now lol 3 hours you have a right to be smug, embracing the pain is hard sometimes i struggle with it very much depends on where my head is at.

    You sound so happy, im pleased its all working well for you.

    I remember Blue Peter, is it still going? lol


  2. hi tori

    smiles...i am so glad i have you curious about it now...and thank you i do feel pretty pleased with myself.

    i am very happy thank you.

    dont think so think they called quits on it!!!...lol

    blossom x

  3. Wow!! Three hours? Pretty impressive. You must rather enjoy the pain to do it that long. Glad you found someone to give you what you need. Good luck!!!


  4. yes pretty proud of myself William...am getting there...a learning process for me. thank you He does very much so..thank you.

    blossom x

  5. Wow - I have to resolve to keep up with my reading better. This sounds amazing, blossom, and I love the picture. You are very clever at making things. As a self-admitted masochist myself, lol, I would suggest something even more wicked - the flogger, crop, the strike of a hand, etc. over your breasts while wearing it. Hopefully this won't give your Master too many terrible ideas. ;-)

    Congratulations on the 3 hours and on learning to embrace pain. There is something so fulfilling and renewing in receiving pain at the hands of someone we submit fully to.

    love, squirrel

  6. now now squirrel you will need to keep those ideas to yourself!!!!!...haha

    thank you am still learning to embrace the pain, only just starting out on this part of the journey...smiles

    blossom x

  7. rather late to this conversation ...but my how times have changed for you!

    my eyes widened when i looked at this bra of torture..3 hours ..oh my.

  8. this is a simple self bondage task/ punishment/ endurance challenge... it is a good and creative way to get subs into the right head space and add the sexiness of being out and about in public with their little secret

  9. I have other interesting breast treatments for those interested

    1. And may i be so free,.. To ask,..how i can get that information?

    2. My bf has several things he likes to do to me if I have not given enough attention. I have some 5 inch heel boots and he dropped about 5 pieces of small gravel where the ball of my foot it. And added a few more under my heel. He used epoxy to glue the small gravel so its stuck into the bottom of my feet and it really hurts. At h ok me i get tied into a forced standing position... but several times we went to an art gallery show where i suffered foot agony while standing among people in the art show...

  10. Care to share those treatments?