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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Deliciously Happy

This girl is very happy to let her readers know that she has a very special and wonderful Master in her life...smiles.  She is very proud to say that she is now His Owned slut slave.  W/we have been T/together for quite a few wonderful months now and every day is a joy being with Him.  He has shown this girl what it means to be truly submissive to Him and she continues to learn everyday with Him.  She has experienced so much with Him in the short time W/we have been T/together including her first experience of subspace, in fact there have been a lot of first times for this girl with Him.  He has taken control over this girl's life and she has happily surrendered it to Him.  He inspires this girl to be His perfect slave and she strives to give Him what He wants and needs.  This girl never thought she would find anyone ever again but how wrong was she,  she has finally begun her journey with the most perfect Man she has ever met, He is Loving, Inspirational, Trusting, Honest, Compassionate, Firm, Fair and so much more...smiles...this girls life is pure bliss.


  1. so pleased to hear it Blossom,


  2. awe thank you littleone...smiles...

    blossom xx

  3. Wow, I have been far too behind on my blog reading and just now saw this post. This is wonderful! He sounds as deserving of you as you are of him. :-) Congratulations!!!

    love, squirrel

    1. awe thank you squirrel as i said i am deliciously happy...smiles

      blossom xx

  4. Oh wonderful news blossom... He is a lucky man and it's obvious you feel same way about Him :) happy for you... xx K