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Saturday, 16 June 2012


hi i just thought i would ask the question:

How do you handle your owner’s disappointment in you or your performance (in a task)- or is this a situation that does not occur for you?

in the past i found that very hard to handle, through his words and actions, i found it difficult to deal with and took me days to get back over it again, i would have kept apologising for my lack of enthusiasm in completing a task.  But then again when i think about it, once it had of been discussed between us (which didnt happen that often) we should have moved on, but he didnt he let me feel that hurt for days when you disappoint one who owns and controls you.


  1. For us, we have found (after trial and error) that it works best with consistent punishment. It helps us both to move on although the punishment is almost always worse than if I had just done the task right in the first place.

    Wolf can generally let it go after punishing me although sometimes he will make me write why I was punished and what I learned, etc. Sometimes it's still not quite enough for me to let it go but he is always willing to talk it through if it's really important to me. If he thinks it's minor and I should just get over it, he tells me that too, lol.

    I hope things are better now for you than in the past. :-)

    love, squirrel

  2. It depends very much on the cause of the disappointment, if it was intentional etc, tasks as long as i do my best and with enthusiasm then he will never be disappointed.

    However if i do disappoint him it makes me feel frankly like shit because it lowers his expectations in me...does that make sense?

    However the bossman is a big believer in getting to the reason of why i may have did what i did rather than outright punish without understanding what caused the problem.

    So lots of talking and listening, punishment may be used if its deemed necessary but thats more for me to get over it and get a clean slate.

    Not sure if that came over and explained well or not lol

    tori xx

  3. I think that this is something that happens to all of us because no one is perfect.
    And I'm not sure that I have really developed a great way of dealing with it. My first reaction is usually tears. But thinking about how to avoid disappointing him in the future and talking about it with him usually helps.

  4. Hi, me and my BOSS are fairly new at this btw but I feel like I disappointed him even though he doesn't think that's the case , I feel horrible wonder what it is that I'm doing wrong but he says that he's not disappointed ..I feel like crap and wondering if this is normal ???

    kat xoxo