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Thursday, 5 April 2012

whoo hoo

Whoo hoo i just got my first underbust corset....i just had to tell everyone...smiles...i love it, i love it, i love it...it feels so sexy, just need to get use to wearing it and trying to breathe...smiles...why oh why did i leave it so long to buy one!!!!...i am going to buy a full corset now too...think i may have just got a corset bug!!...smiles. Do others love wearing them??


  1. Looks gorgeous, blossom! I have a corset but haven't worn it yet.

    The problem with a full closet (for me) is needing someone to lace up the back.

    Fondly. Sky

  2. hi sky...thank you, i love it..

    there are some great videos online that can help You with the lacing...i found this one helpful for the one i have though i think it could do for a full corset too,


    blossom xx