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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Shock and Disgust

Hi i read this on the internet and i am thinking to myself what on earth is the world coming to to allow such a thing to happen, i know that there are sickening things out there but to try and pass a law to allow this to happen...well what can i say!!!! absolutely and totally disgusting, is death not even sacred anymore!!!.....what do others think?

sorry im not the best at putting links on but hopefully you can copy and paste it to read the article



  1. isnt that called necrophilia?
    I know in the US, i believe is illegal, that is completely disgusting...although some serial killers would have sex with their victims after they were dead...
    is is absolutely disgusting to pass such law

  2. I heard about this a couple days ago. Absolutely repulsive, but not shocking in the least...Unfortunately...Yes it's necrophilia, and it is illegal in the US...