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Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hi i would like to pose a question regarding pain, if you are in a D/s or S/m relationship can you share with us what that is like for you, does it turn you on sexually, do you feel you are accepting of the pain being administered to you, do you feel a sense of giving to your Dominant. what would be your most favourite way of receiving pain. i would be interested in hearing what subs have to say.


  1. I feel like certain pains turn me on sexually, and others I accept as something that will please master. I am the first person he's been with who was any sort of a masochist, and have an extremely high pain tolerance, so he gets to unleash on me where he hasn't with others.

    It's just as much as release for him as it is for me, so it's a service I'm glad to provide for him.

  2. Im masochistic and my Master is a sadist so s&m plays a large part in our dynamic. I have struggled with coming to terms with my desire for pain, it arouses me even when its something i dislike which seems odd i know lol

    What we both enjoy is pushing me beyond my comfort zone, his experience far outweighs mine and he is more confident as a sadist than i am as being a masochist. Depending on my frame of mind, time of the month my pain threshold varies.

    Sometimes he will hurt me purely for his pleasure rather for mutual enjoyment but yet i enjoy sufferring for his pleasure so i do get something out of it as well.

    Im not sure i can choose a favourite, the cane is definitley high up on the list but i do also enjoy needles very much which is a different sensation altogether.


  3. My Master and I are still exploring types of pain, but it does play a huge part in our dynamic.
    I have rather a low pain threshold, but I adore it nonetheless. He's starting to become more used to administering it as a form of discipline; the first time he slapped me he was disgusted with himself because he was raised to never hit a woman... But he's a lot more comfortable with it now and has accepted that it turns us both on greatly.
    I do feel like I'm serving him when he's punishing me; it allows him to vent his everyday frustrations in a 'safe' manner, though I also make sure I've been naughty enough to earn the punishment. It wouldn't be right for him to punish me solely for the actions of others.

    Being bitten is possibly my favourite way of receiving pain, though it sadly may have to be reduced. I think he likes using a heavy cane on me and watching my ass turn different colours.

  4. Thank you kitten, tori and casi for sharing with us how it feels to accept and enjoy the pain that is administered by your Masters either for enjoyment or punishment. it is difficult i am sure on both parts to accept they enjoy the giving and receiving of pain.

    Can i ask did you always know that you had masochistic tendancies, was this within you, a wanting or did you grow to learn to accept it?

    blossom x

  5. Certainly an intriguing question, one which I may have to explore within the ramblings of my blog at some point; it's not something I've ever considered in great detail.
    I don't think I can actually answer it off the top of my head, I have one particularly strong memory of craving pain, but I may need to think back beyond that.