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Thursday, 6 October 2011


i just wanted to throw a question out to the readers of my blog, a submissive's life is controlled by her Dominant, be it for what she is allowed to eat, drink, some even to the point of going to the bathroom. So the questions i wanted to ask is, does this enhance your submission or do you feel it stiffles your submission?

Personally i love to know that a Dominant would have that much control over me, especially if in a LDR, i think it is needed more to focus the submissive on her submission, i know it can be awkward at times especially if one needs to use the bathroom urgently...lol, but rules can be set for episodes like that.


  1. I like having rules as it does help me focus more on my submission and on what my Master wants.

    Sometimes the rules are inconvenient (to me), but being submissive is about putting the needs of my Master first.

    Great question!

    Take care, Sky

  2. I don't like rules, but I have a lot of them..and they do help me stay aware of his authority and my role. It also keeps me from slipping too far into being willful and disobedient.


  3. I believe His control enhances my submission. Sure at times I push and pull against it a bit, but overall? I don't think there's really a D/s relationship without that control. And isn't one of the main points of control to enhance one's submission and the others Dominance?

  4. i think we are all of the same opinion then rules work and enhance all that we do, they keep us focused on what is important to us and please our Dominants.

    blossom xx