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Monday, 10 October 2011

Being Open

When a submissive first has contact with a potential Dominant questions are asked, exactly how open would you be with Him. Do you find it easy to share aspects of your life with someone who you have just met? or do you close up and not share.

Obviously we all have to feel comfortable with the person we are talking with and i feel it all depends on the Dominant, to me its his responsibility to make the submissive relax and feel that she can share and tell Him anything and not feel she is being interrogated.

i know with Sir i felt totally relaxed from the very beginning, i could share everything and anything He asked me, and if i had a problem in talking about anything in particular He didnt push me on it but said that i could talk to Him when i felt the time was right.

To start off this way leads to building up of trust, faith etc in the Dominant so that activities that both enjoy will be carried out safely, so being as open as you possibly can with your Dominant is paramount. Though i know there are certain things that a submissive may not wish to say to the Dominant, as they feel that it will put the Dominant off, they feel they may be responsible for what happened to them, but if you meet the right person believe me it will be so easy for you to talk about it, and they will take the time and let it come out naturally, they wont rush you, if he is the Dominant for you.


  1. Very nice posting. :)

  2. You made some very good points. Communication is important in any relationship, especially in a D/s one. And the more relaxed and open the couple are in sharing with each other makes things so much better.


  3. Thank you FD, i totally agree communication is vital it makes things so much easier between the couple concerned and i also feel makes the submissive feel more secure and safe with her Dominant.

    blossom xx

  4. I'll echo FD. Communication is the key. I like to provide a relaxed environment and form of conversation when I am first meeting and getting to know a potential new submissive. Great post. Thanks.