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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Smiling inwardly and outwardly

i know i have had a bad few days with family stuff and i have had a bad few weeks with myself and submission, feeling lost and not having anyone to share it with. Well since before i started my blog i was writing to a Dom who gave me such great support during the time of the break-up between my Master and i. We have been corresponding every day since then, and He has been my rock. Well when He read my previous post on 'Lost' He wrote to me and said how sorry He was to hear how i was feeling as not long before that post i wrote to Him to tell Him how positive i was becoming. Well the long and short of it is that He has agreed to become my Mentor/Protector, to help me through the fog, to get to where i want to be and help me fulfil my goal of belonging to someone.

There may be some things i can share with you all on my blog obviously with His permission, but in the meantime W/we have a private blog where i can express all my fears, concerns, worries as well as all the positive things that will come out of this. i cant contain the excitement i am feeling and the gratitude i bestow on Him for taking me under His wing and guiding me through all this.


  1. Blossom, I just read this post, I am so happy for you, it is very good news. I hope that things go very well for you,He sounds like he cares how you feel.HSxx

  2. Thank you hs, i am very happy with this new arrangement. Sir is just lovely, i dont think i could have hoped for a better Mentor. i am so enjoying myself right now...lol.

    blossom xxx