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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


What does switch mean: a switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or (in the case of dominance and submission) sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive. Partners may switch roles based on mood, desire, or to allow each partner to experience their preferred activity. For example, a switch may be in a relationship with someone of the same primary BDSM orientation (e.g., two dominants), so switching provides each partner with an opportunity to realize his or her BDSM needs.

The act of "switching" may also refer to a spontaneous reversal of roles, initiated by either the bottom or the top.

My previous master and i had talked about it from time to time but i could never really get my head around it, given i always just assumed a Dom was always Dominant and the sub was always submissive. I found it hard to grasp why a Dominant would wish to become submissive, what would he get from that given i assumed that all his pleasure was his control over me, why then would he wish to change roles. I told him that i couldnt assume the role of a Domme in that it wasnt inside of me, i couldnt take that control over from him, i wouldnt know how to dominant him. Needless to say that it never took place between us.

Then i started to read online about about this type of play, i also read about Dominants who liked to dress in womens clothes and be treated as a sub (serving sub) and oh so many other things, and i know this in this lifestyle that really anything goes really but it has really threw me, i just cant get my head around if a guy wishes to be a Dom why then would he want to sub to a sub. i would want my future Dominant to be truely Dominant. (if and when that ever happens)

So i thought i would ask readers if they have found themselves in the same situation and how they coped with it? What would they do if their Dominant asked this of them? and what do other Dominants think of this?


  1. blossom,,,, a good question, very good, I can never imagine my owner doing this, but if he did I think i would be totally floored and at a loss as to what to do. I will be very interested in the replies you get.

  2. I would have issue with this. I do have issue with this. I'm not a good submissive at all. I'm really not even good at lying and still and being pleased. I need some hands on action and control.

    I met a woman once, after talking and emailing, with the potential of starting a relationship. Didn't come close to working out, and we only met that one time. But she was very interesting. She is a switch, and not even within one relationship. She is a hardcore Domme and has several pets she likes to torture and humiliate. Yet, she also wants a hardcore Master/Dominant to be over her and control her. And the Master is not to also be one of her pets or subs. It was really kind of a weird situation. I asked a ton of questions in trying to understand her and her mindset. I just had all sorts of trouble wrapping my mind around wanting and needing both roles.

    She is one of the few people I will admit that I was not even close to being able to handle. I didn't even know where to begin to be honest. She was way over the top and too hardcore for me. (holy crap did I just say that out loud? lol) And when I say hard core, I mean HARDCORE!!! Whew! In both her submission and her Dominance! Let's me be honest...she scared me! LOL! Anyway, I really was intrigued with her and how she does what she does, and even how she could. She is a very unique individual, to say the least!


  3. Blossom,

    My first Master had really kind of asked this of me. He believed that in order for me to truly understand his role and to properly serve, I needed to experience it for myself. It was actually rather confusing because while I took to being a Domme well, with my own submissive...it just was not comfortable for me, not natural.

    Sure I did grasp a better understanding of equal pressure put on a Dominant by a submissive. And honestly, while I've always naturally gravitated towards "Dominant" men...I do think that the experience did help me personally to grow as a submissive and appreciate my chosen place.

    Banana xoxo

  4. hi Hs i would agree with you there i suppose its like a wife finding out her husband crossdresses without any warning!!! at least in this lifestyle it would be discussed. im looking forward to replies also.

    blossom xx

  5. wow DV thank you for sharing your experience with us, even more admitting she was HARDCORE for you.. and wait for it.. that she SCARED you..lol (laughing my head off at this) that takes some admitting Sir...lol.

    blossom xx

  6. Hi Banana

    Thank you also for sharing this with us, i suppose when you think about it, it would reassure one of their place, but i just couldnt bring myself to try it.

    blossom xx

  7. I am not a switch - and I am afraid would make a very unsatisfactory sub!

    However I once was chatting with a male sub at a munch. He told me that his Mistress had once made him beat her other sub for a long time so he could learn from experience what hard physical work it was. In this way she hoped he would understand better the effort she put into his training.

    P xx