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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

650 Days

Really one hears you say....650 days into one's orgasm denial....am on the last leg towards the two years....gosh how does that sound...two years without having an orgasm....never thought this would happen to this girl but it is happening and have to say am still enjoying every moment of it....of course one has her good and bad days....but all in all it has been good....hot, delicious moments....painful moments where one rubbed her clit so often that it hurt to touch....moments where she has edged so often that it feels delicious when she pees....edging dangerously and now riding those edges....torturous to say the least at times.....she does love these moments.....she confidently knows she will reach her two years....what happens after that is entirely up to Master....smiles


  1. Master loves how horny and needy you get. Edging until your clit is numb... So hot and delicious...

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