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Saturday, 20 August 2016


was wondering if anyone who reads my blog has tried this....although I enjoy bondage i personally dont know if I would enjoy this, especially the top photo, how scary does that look...just to have small holes to breathe through...am not good having my face covered like that...really dont know how others can wear hoods, brave subs indeed....... but the second photo I think is quite sexy as I love the corset design on her wrapping and her face is uncovered...could possibly try this ....what about you???


  1. I have never tried anything like this and am sure I would hate the top one. For me I would find the hood suffocating, even with air holes or whatever you have in them. The second one is really very sexy.

    1. most definitely hate the top one julie...definitely think one could do the second one...it is sexy isnt it... :)

  2. I've not tried this either, but the idea appeals to me. I think I would have too much anxiety in the first scenario. Perhaps that is something to build up to... I do like the idea in the first one of how shut off from the outside world one is, leaving the focus directly on your partner and what they want for you.

  3. gosh you would be brave to try that...one likes the idea of being shut off from the outside world but couldnt wear a hood would be happy with being blindfolded and wearing ear plugs so one could hear or see anything...that would be as far as one could go... :)