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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Task achieved.....

Master's little pain whore sitting on the bus
Clenching Master's cunt without any fuss
Listening to O/our music and clenching to the beat
pain whore determined to complete her little feat
A public place pain whore is to cum
If not achieved, two months denial which wont be fun
Determined to achieve this on her morning ride
To make her Master beam with pride
she clenched and squirmed to the beat of O/our song
pain whore's eyes closing as she went floating along
Building herself up getting juicy and creamy
getting to the point where she was just about dreamy
Master's cunt in rhythm to the beat of O/our song
she knew she was near to the feeling of that throng
pain whore then let that moment flow through her creating a heat
quietly and secretively she achieved her feat


  1. Delightful! I hope you get extra credit for your clever report.

    1. awe thankyou...hopefully one will...He was really pleased with it though...smiles

  2. Good to hear he was really pleased. You must be proud.