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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


this month this girl has been tasked with edging 6 times or more each day and now she is coming to the end of this task....yyyaaayyyy finally...hopefully Master will permit this girl to have a special surprise because she has done so well as edging is not something this girl enjoys doing, but she has come to learn to enjoy it and though there were days she was sssooo frustrated she just wanted to orgasm, and on a few occasions she nearly went over the edge...phew thank goodness she managed to save herself....so because this girl has done so well Master is now considering having this girl do another months edging!!!....she shall await His decision for the next month...


  1. I hated edging. I don't really tolerate frustration very well. or didn't. But...you do what you are trained to do. ;)

    1. likewise monkey....previously one would have been totally frustrated but actually this time round it has been enjoyable....its all about pleasing Master so yes one does what they are being trained to do...smiles