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Sunday, 23 November 2014

O/our ceremony

Master had asked this girl to write how she would plan O/our wedding , gosh if W/we were to be T/together at some future point in time....this is how she would plan how it would go...smiles Obviously there would only be a few intimate friends who would be witness to O/our special ceremony. This girl would be dressed in white, with a corset over the outer part of the dress.... her red hair in soft curls to the side of her head with small diamond pins through it, she would be naked beneath her dress, be barefooted and her neck would be bare also, she would carry a white thorned rose. Master would be dressed in a black shirt, black trousers, and black boots, He wouldn't be wearing His wedding ring The room would be dressed in red, with a small table in the middle with each of U/us standing on either side with three candles, two lit and the one in the middle not lit. W/we would face each O/other, then this girl would hold her white rose whilst Master would prick her finger with the thorn from His rose and she would let her blood drip onto the white petals, then Master would prick His finger and let His blood drip onto the white petals on top of His slaves blood....when this was done W/we would then press O/our fingers T/together and let O/our blood mix and say O/our loving vows to each O/other, indicating that W/we are now of the same flesh and blood. Master would then come behind this slave and lock His steel collar around her neck, she would in return put Master's wedding band onto His wedding finger .....then W/we would kiss, this girl would then kneel at her Master's feet and kiss the tops of His boots to further express her submission to Him, declaring her love and devotion to Him...then W/we would each light a taper from the lit candles and B/both would then hold the flame to the unlit candle lighting it T/together, to symbolise that W/we are now joined as O/one. O/our blood soaked petals would be kept in a jar as a symbol of O/our love and would be buried with U/us...smiles Afterwards W/we would have a small intimate dinner with O/our guests as a thank you to them for being with U/us on O/our special day. He permitted this girl to share this with her readers...smiles....oh for that day to happen...smiles