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Sunday, 3 August 2014

New love

i have a new love in my life...smiles...no no no...Master will always be my One and Only but W/we have found something that excites U/us both and that is knife play, this is a dark and delicious form of play that W/we both enjoy, W/we done a little of it when W/we were together last and it felt wonderful, to give someone the power to use a knife on one's body, to drag it across the skin was absolutely amazing, there was total control from Him and total trust from me ...huge smiles. W/we want to do it more and so He instructed me to get a little everyday knife to carry in my bag which has then to be used on His breasts during her lunch hour, at the moment i just have to drag it over the skin but already there are little marks showing the path of the knife...smiles...W/we look forward to exploring this dark and delicious play more deeply in the hope that when W/we next meet Master will be able to draw a little blood from me...do i want that....hell yes i do...smiles this is the little knife i have purchased...cute little thing isnt it, Master's blade on the other hand is something completely different and this girl has felt its cold steel on her body...smiles


  1. I'm wondering if He would think it was disrespectful if you didn't want to use the everyday knife on your own and only wanted to engage in knife play when He was in direct control?

    The idea of letting Him have control when using His knife sounds very intriguing, because it represents ultimate trust, and both parties derive pleasure from it. But i know i wouldn't find satisfaction in doing it by myself. So do you have to follow His instructions without question to prove your devotion, or are you allowed to tell Him when you prefer only doing certain things when He's present and in complete control?

    Sorry for the long question =(
    I haven't found my "Him" yet (or he hasn't found me), and i know every relationship is different, but i still find it helpful to learn what generally is and is not acceptable. Any answer you can give would truly be appreciated.

    1. Hi Anonymous, i thought it best if i got Master to respond to your comment, He is busy and has asked me to put His reply on here for you...smiles

      I love when My slave plays with the blade, even when I am not able to supervise it. I would of course love to be there to watch each time, but our schedules sometimes do not allow that. Big time difference for us.

      It was amazing the one time we got to play together with my blade. and we look forward to the next time when I will draw blood. She doesn't have a say in whether she does something or not. She may ask permission to be excused from a task, but it is my final decision.My slave is a rare one that is able to inflict any pain on herself I tell her too, even if she doesn't desire it. I know it is very challenging for her, but she still does it. Makes me very proud to be her Owner...smiles

      Good luck in finding the one for you. There is no such thing as what is generally accepted. It's whatever works for you and the Dom you are with.

  2. We love knife play, especially when it involves a little blood. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get to it.

  3. smiles...cant wait until that happens....am sure you both do...its very dark and sexy....