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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Master and this girl are getting back on track after a week of unsureness but W/we have worked things through and are refreshing O/our relationship, looking back at where W/we went wrong and learning from the mistakes W/we B/both made. Part of renewing O/our relationship is to let my readers know who this girl really is, no more hiding and shying away from that fact. this girl is the owned slave of Master William, she is His absolute slave, He controls this girl to the best of His ability given the distance between U/us, this girl has no safeword but trusts in Him completely, this girl is His property to use and desire as He pleases, this girl will devote her life to ensuring that He is happy and fulfilled in O/our relationship, He will always be fair with this girl and will listen to what she has to say but He will always have the last word, His decision is final.

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  1. Wonderful absolution. So happy for you both.
    -Submissive Butterfly