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Friday, 7 March 2014

random thoughts

wow its amazing to see on the stats that people who view my blog that so many have viewed my posts on 'deepthroating' and 'why i love to suck cock' and yet I have had very little comments...but thats okay its still lovely too see i have so many lurkers lurking around...smiles its still lovely to see that people actually come and still view my blog...so thank you. I have noticed on many of the blogs that I have read recently that march seems to be the month that is put aside for question time...ask any questions no holds barred and the sub or Dom will answer...I think that is wonderful but personally I am still not at that stage where I can put myself out there....so kudos to those that do like tori, lunaKM and others...I think you are all wonderful and hopefully there will come a time when I will feel confident and comfortable that I will be able to do the same sometime...smiles I love reading the questions you are being asked and the answers you are giving...smiles...respect to all those that share and help other potential subs on their journey...smiles


  1. umm may i ask why you feel like your not at that stage where you can put yourself out there?

    i think you do yourself an injustice, your an articulate writer, funny and passionate.


  2. suppose lack of confidence on my part really...smiles do I have the experience that can answer questions that I may be asked...smiles

    awe thank you so much...maybe next time ill take that leap...smiles

    blossom x

  3. My slave definitely has the knowledge to answer many questions. she has been under slave training for two years after all...