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Saturday, 10 August 2013

what she loves......

she loves the way You make her smile and laugh

she loves the way You make her cry with pain but also with the beautiful things You say to her

she loves the way You brighten up her day when she is feeling sad and low

she loves the way You always compliment her on how she looks and how proud You are of her

she loves the way You have taught her so much and are still teaching her about herself

she love the way You encourage her in everything she does for You

she loves the way You have nurtured and guided her through O/our time T/together and continue to do so

she loves the way You are fair when she is being punished

she loves the way You are controlled and guided in Your thoughts

she loves the way You kiss her intensely and how You pull her close to You (soon to feel again..sighs)

she loves how You remain calm and how with just a few words You can calm her down

she loves how W/we can talk about anything, times this can be very difficult and challenging but W/we always get it sorted out

she loves how You dont let her go to bed without things being okay between U/us

she loves the way You named her and her heart skips a beat when You use it

she loves how You bring out the best in her

she loves how safe she feels with You

But most of all she loves being Owned and Controlled by You

all of the above makes her life worth living
thank you Master

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