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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Blissful Training

amazing...the most amazing feeling ever...Master and this girl got to train...yyyyaaayyy....happy dancing around the room...this girl is still very tender in Master's tits and ass...to touch or put pressure on either of them is sore but a beautiful pain that brings back beautiful memories...smiles

there was a little doubt that W/we may get to training but it all fell into place beautifully....just the waiting for it to start, the little panics that something may come into force that would stop it but it didnt and W/we got to do what W/we B/both crave....smiling

As usual Master took complete control from the get go...smiles....having His slut insert His cock into His ass infront of Him on cam...it felt wonderful to do that for Him it felt wonderful to feel Him inside of her..smiles btw Master this girl forgot to ask permission to remove it after You went to bed, hopefully it was alright to do that..smiles  then He had His slave put the cords on which are very tight and so give Master tits a good colour to them, then He started on His favourite past time, tit torture, this girl flogged slapped pinned clamped Masters tits and boy are they tender, at one point this girl was on the verge of tears as the sting of the flogger landed on His nipples...He also had this girl remove the pegs with the flogger at times too, jeepers when they dont come off in the first swat and cling on, they are sore little buggers....Master had this girl also lift His tits up by the cords on the clover clamps, now this girl is well endowed shall we put it and to lift Master's tits up with the cord and clamps was a huge thing for her to do but she did and at one point Master asked her to lift His tits up far enough and pull on the cord so that the clamps are removed...now anyone knows that clover clamps are not easy to remove and well this girl gave it her best shot but was unable to do so, but its early days in her training...smiles  After some more tit torture Master asked this girl to flick each nipple once with her fingers she did so then Master informed her that that was a request from His boss...this girl laughed and told Master that was sneaky but said to say thank you to his boss and let him know that it stung!!!! laughs

Master also had His slut whip His ass with the wire whip, this time she was to do it slowly and harder, Master had her start off with a few swats then gradually build it up, this girl lost count of how many times she swatted Master's ass and come to think of it His tits too enough to say this girls arm was sore...Master had this girl edge once early on in the training with her bullet which was amazing....smiles loved attention at Master's clit....later on He had this girl use her vibe to edge but no cumming

then Master had this girl whip His pussycunt a real favourite of this girls, something she never thought she would like but she loves the sting the flogger leaves on it, especially when it is aroused...mmmmmmm again this girl lost count of how many times He had her flog it...at one point Master asked this girl to cum whilst doing it but she was unable to....it was just a trial to see what would happen...but again its early stages in her training...smiles....Master kept reassuring His slut of how proud He was  of His girl....how hard and horny she had made Him...she was feeding the Sadist inside of Him....and He then asked this girl to edge two more times with the vibe but on the third time she was permitted to cum....because Master was so horny He needed to stroke...He wanted His slut to cum at the same time which she did and love it...it is very rare that W/we get privacy for that to happen.....what an orgasm this girl had and Master told His slut He blew a very big load for her too...mmmmm will get to see that for real soon enough

After W/we finished training Master allowed this girl to put her robe back on to keep warm...she put away the toys and then wrapped up in her favourite furry blanket to keep warm...this blanket is her Master's arms around her...smiles...she had that funny look on her face and she felt it too...this girl reached subspace and boy was she smiling...she felt drunk and floaty so much so that it is snowing here and she had shown Master the snow and asked would He like to see His girl stand naked in it...He said yes...of course He would, so this girl did...bloody hell it was freezing...and this girl doesnt think she would do something like that if she wasnt in subspace...silly or what!!!!...laughs.

He stayed with his girl throughout until she came back down again as He always does...this girl loves this part of O/our training too, and she will have that for real too in september....huge smiles.

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