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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Electrical Play

In our world of safe, sane and consensual practices Master and this girl have been thinking of exploring and embarking on Electrical Play, now it feels scary to even think that this girl is going to read up on this never mind that she may be trying it out at some point!!!! but its exciting at the same time in a wierd way...smiles.

Now of course this girl knows that Master will have His girls safety at heart but at the same time this girl is of course a little anxious given that W/we are in an LDR and not having done anything like this before she was just wondering if any of you have done any Electrical Play using a TENS unit, she would be interested to know what any of her readers thought of this little item if they have used one in the past.  Of course great care and a lot of reading will ensue before W/we actually try this out but this girl is a little curious to know how it feels, would others recommend this little machine or something else?


  1. oh blossom i love electrical play it really can be great fun.

    The tens unit is safe, its used for pain relief as well as adding pain lol

    Personally the tens is great because its so versitile can be very sensual (like perhaps a vibrator being used on the skin) to extremely painful if turned up high.


  2. thanks for your input, W/we are hoping to try it out this week, will let you know how it goes...smiles

    blossom x